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High School Program


Academic Classroom: The focus of the Academic classroom is for the students to engage in learning, based on the Ohio Academic Content Standards and Extended Standards. Utilizing a modified, rigorous and individualized curriculum, paired with 1:1 small group and whole group instruction, students will expand their knowledge of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies content.

Job Training: The focus of the Job Training Center is to teach students pre-employment skills that can be generalized to community-based settings. Utilizing technology, task analyses and visual supports, students will explore the following career areas: consumer service, processing and production, computer technology, business and marketing, and construction/industrial skills.

Independent Living Classroom: The focus of the independent living classroom is to teach student skills that can be generalized to help them live independently in their home and community. Utilizing detailed task analyses, visual supports such as schedules, mini schedules, and video modeling, student will learn daily living skills by participation in activities that address skills for personal hygiene, meal preparation, laundry and cleaning.

Community-Based Classroom: The focus of the community-based classroom is to apply vocational skills to real-life employment settings. Utilizing detailed job task analyses, following the direction of the work site manager, and modeling typical co-workers, the students will learn employability skills that support the end goal of employment. Students will have the opportunity to work at local job sites, learning strategies to enhance their employment skills and become career ready. Students will participate in activities such as travel training, following a work schedule, social skills training and individual skills needed to complete each job.