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The CARES facility was custom designed to meet the special needs of students with autism. Interior plans and features from special acoustical finishes and data collecting technology to therapy and sensory rooms, help reduce distractions and promote more effective teaching. 
CARES offers two state of the art sensory rooms. These multisensory rooms are used to engage children who learn through play. From following bright lights, shapes, and patterns with their eyes to pressing buttons to make the sensory room change color, students become interested in their environment. These rooms can also be used as a place to calm and de-stress. 
Classrooms are visually and physically engineered to support teaching and promote learning.  Clutter free and oder free classrooms decrease sensory overload, and the classroom's arrangement contributes to a child's understanding of his or her environment. A clean and distinct environment helps a child with autism focus his or her attention on learning instead of irrelevant stimuli. 
CARES students are provided with many opportunities to take trips into the community. These community outings provide vital experiences to help our students learn in everyday situations. They regularly enjoy trips to the grocery store, swimming, seasonal community activities, and many other adventures that allow for individual growth.